Date: 23rd August 2013 at 1:33am
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Juan Mata vs Manchester United

Manchester United have reportedly enquired about the availability of Chelsea’s Juan Mata, a move that could potentially pave the way for Wayne Rooney to finally move to Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea insisted that Mata is not for sale after the Spanish player was linked with a player plus money swap for Rooney, but if they hope to sign Rooney it could depend on Mata’s movement.

It is believed that Jose Mourinho isn’t too keen with the attacker, named Chelsea’s player of the year last season, so a swap involving him with or without money added could finally see Chelsea get Rooney and United end their association with the striker after 9 years.

Miguel Delaney of ESPN claims sources from both clubs have confirmed United’s move for Mata to him, but insists that United’s move is not necessarily linked with Chelsea’s interest in Rooney:

“It is unknown at this point whether the contact has been part of the ongoing Wayne Rooney saga, or whether the English champions would be open to a long-mooted straight swap between the players, just that their interest has been piqued and they believe a deal could be possible.”

Whilst an extremely talented player, the signing of Mata would not address any of the problems United’s team currently have. Overloaded with players in attacking positions, if coupled with Rooney’s departure, the 25 year old’s arrival could spell trouble for Shinji Kagawa who would preferably occupy the #10 position that Rooney does.

A quality player nonetheless, is Mata the star signing that Moyes seeks before finally agreeing to let Rooney go as The Daily Mirror claimed yesterday? It would not only mean United backing down from their summer long stance that Rooney is not for sale, but potentially handing rivals Chelsea a title race changing player.

For me this is a transfer that David Moyes and Manchester United need to think over carefully because as it stands with Chelsea needing a striker, Rooney will make more of a difference to their season than Mata will to Manchester United’s.


106 responses to “REPORT: Manchester United Make First Move To Sign Mata”

  1. Daniel says:

    Aswell as Fellaini and we DONT need BAINES!! He’s already 29 anyway

  2. Shedrack Usang says:

    Jose should not even tink about it,i want rooney at the bridge but not 2 do a ‘trade by bertha’ deal. If so, rooney can as well stay at old traford.

  3. Touljier says:

    Rooney aint going nowhere in the EPL. If he does leave it will be spain, italy or germany. Makes no logical sense to give your competition a quality player, even if for another quality player…unless u as dumb as Wenger to sell your prize posession RVP to your direct competitor.

  4. bluezola says:

    Strange that the papers don’t seem interested in having Mata stay at Chelsea. Given his success. Why would he want to go to Utd!!! But they seem to be able to find reasons for Rooney to stay at Utd even digging up ex players to cajole him. Talk about bias…….it so blatant.

  5. olawole olushina says:

    well well the idea of man good but jose is a geanius he knows how to tackle the tactics.up chelsea.

  6. Ayodele says:

    i find some of these posts hilarious…first,one claims that mata is better than rooney,thats probably one of the stupidest statements i have read in recent times,rooney can do everything mata can do & so much more,he can pass,shoot & assist well,he can play upfront as a CF,he can play behind a CF & even orchestrate play from deep so tell me,how is mata better than him? because he had a very under par season last year and still got 12goals and 16 assists despite playing the fewest number of games he’s ever play in a season in his Utd career.
    And for you complaining that the press is favoring rooney,do you know for how long Utd fans have had to endure the press blowing everything out of proportion on the rooney issue? they lied that he’s no longer on speaking terms with the teamates and that they all wanted him out,they overlooked the fact that while warmimg up on the touchlines against swansea,he clapped and acknowledged the fans but were only interested in the opinion that he didnt want to celebrate with teamates,almost every chelsea player have spoken out and encouraged rooney to join them,the press have done everything possible to frustrate Man Utd’s rooney fans and just because for once,they re reporting that your player may be off to old trafford without rooney going the other way,you are now talking trash…get a life please

    • Kuro says:

      Ayodele, I take off my hat for you, you tackled every point with precision. Since the blind wants to lead the blind, let them be.

    • Nicolaus jason says:

      Ze same guy i like 2 support u,i thnk zat one who said mata iz more than rooney is may a mad becauze rooney compeletely in everthng- tackle,passing and also score goals,and if mat iz best zan roon there was no any re├Žsons for chels to need him.i love all united fans

  7. Umar says:

    Ayodele u r too foolish cause u dnt knw what you are saying,does ur father work for the press????

    • Ayodele says:

      stupid idiot,what has that got to do with what is on ground?maybe you need to wash your brain with some methylated spirit before coming here and saying trash…retard!

  8. raphael says:

    Why the fuse? Must you guys throw abuses at each other before making your point?

    C’mon! This is just a game. And we are just fans. The clubs in question don’t even know we exist. So, why the fight?

    Let’s learn to accommodate other’s view about issues. We disagree to agree. Thanks buddies! One Love. I rep #Utd.

  9. Nicolaus jason says:

    Speculation of the game say that man united 3 chelsea 1,goal scores _van persie 27min,rooney 50 and louis nani 87 4 united while juan mata 58min, 4 chels

  10. chidi ogbodo says:

    Moyes is confused nd doesnt know what he want at utd. he should be more purposeful nd if he fails to sign a creative midfeilde nowr man utd will smell doom