Date: 30th September 2013 at 4:27am
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Remy Cabella

It appears that Manchester United have learned from this summer’s transfer debacle, and have begun actually sourcing alternatives in the very possible case that their transfer plans don’t actually come to fruition.

United employed the  “if at first you don’t succeed try and until you become a laughing stock” plan and it worked a treat after Barcelona and Cesc Fabregas were harassed like the girlfriend of a clingy boyfriend. Having seen that fail, United scrambled around Europe looking at all and sundry then eventually settled for the girl next door, Marouane Fellaini.

This time though United won’t be caught with their proverbial pants down!

United are said to be interested in pursuing Athletic Bilbao’s Ander Herrera again come this January but with the Basque club known for being hard to deal with, could turn their attention to France.

Club Call claim United will pursue Montpellier’s 23 year old playmaker Remy Cabella if a Herrera deal can’t be struck in an effort to add a creative spark to the midfield.

The midfielder has picked up the slack after Younes Belhanda left for Dynamo Kiev and hasn’t done too bad a job apart from on Thursday of course, when United ran the rule over him in his side’s 0-0 draw with Rennes.

Given a 4/10 by Maxifoot who claimed that Cabella missed passes, made bad decisions and let the game pass him by, Cabella definitely made the kind of impression you want to make on potential suitors!

Valued at €100m by his boss, I think I’d rather we stick with Anderson than pay that!


45 responses to “United Find Herrera Alternative”

  1. akash says:

    If you don’t believe me then watch next game if moyes play these player and they not win the match then i will shut my mouth and stop commenting here. The team should be
    de gea
    in an 4-2-3-1.
    Sub coming
    ando(fellaini if he not playing)
    van persie(kagawa)
    rvp should get his form after his injuries he hasn’t make any impact when he come in westbrom match.

    Mark my words ale shashe am a fan of united and have watched them face lots of problem

  2. chichafan says:

    One thing i don’t agree with david moyes statement as i read in many site is that united need world class player this is bullshit. There are many world class player and new talent which every big team trying to snatch from united.

    First world class player

    1 W.rooney
    2 van persie
    3 chicharito(which in his country he is the biggest star)
    4 kagawa(wat i can said just ask dortmund manager for better describtion and japan)
    5 welbeck(score goal in every match for england)
    6 vidic( best defender in the world
    7 de gea(raising star for espain)
    8 rafael(great talent )
    10evra(captain of france and united too)

    young talent that big team ready to snatch from united

    jesse lingard
    macheda (who start scoring goal in every match from doncaster)
    twin brother keane
    and many more.

    • Danno says:


    • Danno says:

      Your club is finished 😉 Most of the first team squad are the wrong side of 30,and Moyes can’t attract TOP PLAYERS.Use won’t get in the TOP 4 this season ( AND USE KNOW IT )
      The Glazers are skint & your club is swimming in debt GLORY GLORY David Moyes lol

  3. manufan says:

    Why moyes said that no champion league glory for united. All player are the same they all have play and have experiences and have reach till semi final or final of the competition. Moyes you don’t know all player quality very well don’t make such comment and on top you bring your own coaching staff that the biggest mistake you did. Now suffer because they also don’t know the player as well. It will take many time to know all player and united have two team. A and b.

    • Danno says:

      Your club is finished 😉 Most of the first team squad are the wrong side of 30,and Moyes can’t attract TOP PLAYERS.Use won’t get in the TOP 4 this season ( AND USE KNOW IT )
      The Glazers are skint & your club is swimming in debt GLORY GLORY David Moyes lol

  4. E.n. Nwafor says:

    Moyes united is big for those low flow. You work hard or u loss your job,mark plaier you need now and get realldy to get them

  5. godfred oppong says:

    Its better DM get his tactics well together and stop finding excuses. Are we to loss this small teams in our own backyard? Then we have to start visiting our doctors, 12 in the league table is bad for this great team.

  6. reddevils says:

    For the first time i saw man utd in 12 position since in have began to watch football. I saw the in 3,2 position but not 12 it shocking to see Man utd there.

  7. reddevils says:

    And yes i agree with those fan who is expressing by commenting that moyes have made a big mistake by not taking sir alex staff and bring his own one. If he had taken sir alex staff he would have easily get his tactical strategies right and these things wouln’t happen.

  8. devilboy says:

    That the best foolish idea of moyes to bring his own staff in a bigger team like man utd. See that they are working as if it is everton. Sir alex has retired so why he must bring his own staff.

  9. manufan says:

    Moyes said that he has full faith in ferdinand
    i said No i don’t agree with you moyes but yes he can bring his experience but he is aging and player like evans,jones defend every well than him. He make mistake in both match espescally in west brom and you keep playing him in defence. Vidic is the real boss and evans,jones should partner him in defence to be more safe than rio ferdinand. Even in my country you know how many people saying that ferdinand is aging evans,jones,smalling should play instead of him.

  10. manufan says:

    You bring a good team but you break the balance or backborne of a winning team.evra,vidic should be in the defence as always and rafael if rafa is out then fabio you play in some match but now we can’t see him. And finally valencia this player is can attack and defence as well and i see him in the bench. We united were losing 2-1 in 80 minute you should have bringing him in these ten minute he can make differences. But never mind hope to see these player in wednesday then you will how they play.