Date: 10th November 2013 at 11:44pm
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Robin Van Persie Arsenal

As big as Robin Van Persie’s goal was today, it was his celebration that will make the most noise.

It isn’t easy to see a former player turnout for a ‘rival’ but Van Persie has been gracious since the move, speaking highly of his former club as well as former manager Arsene Wenger.

Last term he refused to celebrate either of the goals he scored against Arsenal last season but today he made no mistake about letting Arsene Wenger know that he is well and truly a United player.

Prior to goal, Arsenal fans had goaded the striker calling him a C yoU Next Tuesday as well as┬áchanting “8 points clear Robin, 8 points clear” so it was fitting that he had the last word, catapulting United firmly back into the title race (we were never out of it).

Van Persie celebrates against Arsenal


13 responses to “PICTURE: This Was The Least Arsenal Deserved”

  1. JackFact says:

    RVP – enjoy Europa Cup next season.

  2. Sound as a pound says:

    Think he raped a red in the celebration

  3. Bradley Red says:

    Talk about the pot & the kettle. RVP received a fraction of the abuse United fans dished out to Tevez! Morons!

    As for the chant, it is now ammended – ‘5pts clear Robin, 5pts clear’. Better?

    • deepika says:

      Teves disrespected sir alex ferguson as well as the club, so the fans contempt for him was justified.
      your argument is invalid.
      that will be all ­čÖé

  4. homer says:

    that RVP celebration was PASSION at it’s best, RVP was stoked, and the rest of the world loved it, nothing like a party when you score a goal to stop a team going 11 points clear, so I aint got any complaints, the celebration worked for me. Hope we see more stoked up celebrations like that from RVP and rest of the team.

    Wes Brown, John O’shea and Phil Bardsley, all ex United players, and still United fans – they played their hearts out, and stitched up Man Pity in the process, well done guys.

  5. Vivek says:

    Do you know the significance of this win? Arsenal is very much going to lose the top spot or share it with the likes of chelsea, pool or devils. In the next 10 games the top 4 teams would break away and united are gaining momentum at the right time with games against Cardiff/Spurs/Everton and Bayern too. Time to really flex our depth of the squad.
    Lets pray no one gets injured.

  6. wasim says:

    When last time he didnt celebrate both his goals he was called a judas and now he scored and celebrated … and you call it least expected?

  7. jabir says:

    Let us see where that celebration takes him still 5 points clear shocked to see Man Useless defending lyk Norwich at Hme and that shows our superiority to them this season. WE ARE STILL NUMBER ONE AND STILL EVEN IF WE LOSE ONCE AGAIN THAT CUNT CANNOT LEAPFROG US. Leave alone The title I’LK BET RVP WILL PLAY EUROPA LEAGUE NXT SEASON. THATS THE CREDIT HE DESERVES

  8. akash says:

    For am very happy that united win in a little score. That will gain more confident to young player and the team to reached in the first spot.

  9. akash says:

    All praise for phil jones wat a player he is a midfield i really like him he break arsenal midfield. But when vidic goes out i was scared. But jones manage the defences too.
    One another thing i notice is the fellaini in behind striker position. He can be very helpful in this position too. He get every ball in the air when degea shoot. By his head deflect rooney or van persie can score goal in only three pass. Degea shoot fellaini deflect it and rooney or van persie score.

  10. Adeoye Festus says:

    You all continue ranting. You shouldn’t have forgotten in a hurry that when you lose to Man U, you begin your 10 straight lost and draw in a roll seanson. Watch out!