Date: 20th November 2013 at 6:48pm
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Di Maria

Manchester United may have Liverpool to thank if their move for Angel Di Maria goes ahead after a transfer merry go round that will see Luis Suarez at the Bernabeu and Di Maria at Old Trafford.

Real were thought to be interested in Suarez this past summer, but with Liverpool insisting that the striker wouldn’t be sold, the Spanish club pulled the trigger on a record move for winger Gareth Bale.

Real had counted on selling either Di Maria or Mesut Ozil to raise funds for their transfers, with the £42.5m from the sale of Ozil going some way to fund the move for Bale.

Now Marca claim that Real have been offered Luis Suarez for as little as €45m, possibly an attempt to keep the Uruguayan out of Arsenal’s clutches, so could United kill two birds with one stone, bringing in Di Maria and in the process fund Real Madrid’s move for Suarez?

The Daily Star claim the 25 year old winger has been identified as one of David Moyes’ main targets, and the presence of Bale at the Bernabeu still represents a problem for Di Maria as they vie for playing time in Carlo Ancelotti’s side.

With a fee as little as £17m would be certain to pursue the deal, in the process weakening rivals Liverpool.


11 responses to “How Liverpool Will Help United Land Argentinean Star”

  1. Deano says:

    Keep dreaming Dickhead 😉 Suarez is at least £80 Million Pounds,and if Madrid don’t like it they can sign Aguero instead HAHAHAHAHAHA Pity manure can’t afford any decent players.Oh and your manager can’t attract good players 😉 Glory Glory David Moyes !!!

    • Dick says:

      Total crap,looks lk u dnt knw wat ua tlkn abt

    • realist says:

      keep dreaming yourself dickhead, suarat wants out and wont be there for long. keep licking his ass for the rest of the season though till he leaves if you want , desperate bunch that you are!
      oh, and dont get too excited about our demise under moyes either cos it aint happening and all you liverfool fans are gonna have more egg on your face…….yet again! 🙂

  2. Cou says:

    Good luck with A)Liverpool selling Suarez and B)DiMaria having any interest in going to Old Trafford. Dear me.

  3. danny says:

    What are they smoking in bernabeu? Suarez will only be sold for the price of and marca shud kip their antics to themselve..liverpool will nt bug as regard the price of suarez.

  4. Lawal Kolapo Saheed says:

    If REAL MADRID can add 30m to DIMARIA no problem…….without dat no wayyyyyyyy.

  5. Bello Ya'u Sabuwar-kasa. says:

    What bring those looserfool fans here. They better go to their club’s supporters page

  6. bob says:

    typical united fans, cant understand that Di maria would never go to united because they are slowly becoming the team liverpool used to be, and still believe they are the best team in england. Suarez will leave for £60+ no less

    • haha says:

      Sorry used to be? Your a league cup team and at the end of the season everyone will be sat above you yet again lol everton included

    • Itoro Ibanga says:

      Unambitious team like liverpool.. they think football is all about having d best players.. Ronaldo, teves and co all left but manu survives ! Up United.

  7. haha says:

    Liverpool fans know suarez won’t be there much longer for one champions league football he hasnt played any.2 real Madrid far more appealing than Liverpool.3 he has already tried to leave before just because Liverpool don’t want to let him go doesn’t mean he wont. As for 80 million your laughing not worth a penny more than 40 and that’s if he still has contract left.