Date: 22nd November 2013 at 9:36am
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Antonio Valencia Santi Cazorla

Santi Cazorla has claimed that Arsenal didn’t deserve to lose to Manchester United, and that United didn’t do enough to win… apart from score more goals.

The game was built up to be a season ender, with Mesut Ozil leading Arsenal into battle but it didn’t quite pan out like that with Robin Van Persie’s goal the difference between the sides.

With United in ‘such a bad place’ with Sir Alex’s departure and the team in such a bad state (arf!) Arsenal and their fans genuinely believed that this would be their best opportunity to beat United at Old Trafford for the first time since 2006.

Inspired by the signing of Mesut Ozil (who is still missing), Arsenal started the season well and following the victory in Dortmund believed their own hype so it’s understandable why they are so hurt.

Speaking to The Guardian‘s Sid Lowe, Cazorla said:

“The sensation was bad. Not because we lost – we know you can lose at United – but because they didn’t do anything really to beat us.

“You say: ‘Last year we lost 2-1 but they rolled over us.’ This year’s different. Two shots for them, two for us; in corners it’s 6-5. Someone brought the paper in with the stats. They had 39% of the ball. What did they do better? Nothing really: we didn’t play well but they weren’t so brilliant as to beat us.

“The conclusion was: ‘If they’re going to beat us, let it be that they beat us well. Not because on a corner we weren’t alert.’ We felt like that was three points gone against a team that will be up there. It’s a dead ball, Van Persie’s unmarked and you lose to something you can avoid.”

Cazorla’s comments sound suspiciously like something Arsene Wenger would say, and post game he made similar comments:

“We were just too nervous in the first half. Once again it is a tight game that has been decided on a set-piece… We rushed our game too much and lost too many balls. In the second half we were composed, had a real go and played our usual game.”

Think it’s time to move on lads and concentrate on remaining the ‘greatest team the world has ever seen’.


5 responses to “Arsenal Player In Being Bitter Shocker!”

  1. sitesired says:

    Good luck is where planning and preparation meet opportunity ! You lost Santi .

  2. Mrfy says:

    There is really nothing bitter in here, everything he says is true about the game. United fans struggling with logic as usual.

  3. deejay says:

    there is no doubt manchester is a s****ole. even most of their supports don’t live there. a place where the birds fly upside done because there’s nothing worth sh****g on

  4. rvp gora says:

    mrfy, of course arsenal fans r the only logical ones. Typical bitter goner fan

  5. karlomu says:

    If Vidic hadn`t of got injured we would of dominated the second half like we did the first and who knows what the score might of been something crazy like 8-2 maybe, GGMU