Date: 24th December 2013 at 4:35pm
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Ross Barkley vs Manchester United

Everton manager Roberto Martinez has claimed even a Gareth Bale sized bid wouldn’t be enough to take Ross Barkley away from Goodison Park this January.

Barkley has shone under the former Wigan manager, with his late freekick winner against Swansea this weekend further raising his profile.

Long linked with Manchester United, the 19 year old is one of English football’s hottest commodities but Martinez is determined to hold onto the starlet even if it means turning down a record fee:

‘Ross is in a moment of his career where, first, he knows that he needs to carry on developing and this is the perfect place to do that,’ Martinez stressed.

‘Second, he is a mad Evertonian and enjoying every single second. And third, we are in the middle of a season where we would never, ever consider disrupting what we have got in our squad now.

‘It is not the right time for the player or the club to consider anything. Even if we got a Gareth Bale-size valuation we would never even consider it in  January. If we were facing a financial disaster, I would be telling you, “Look, we are in the lap of the gods”. But we are not in that situation at all

‘We are probably in the strongest financial position we have been for a long, long time. All we are going to make is football decisions. Ross is an icon for us.

‘He represents everything we are trying to do this season, so even if a stupid offer arrived in January it would never, never affect us. It is important for us as a football club to show we are making the right football decisions.’

For all the bluster and bravado of Martinez’s words it’s hard to believe him.

During the summer when trying to rebuff United’s attempts to sign Baines and Fellaini one got the impression that the right fee would have seen both become United players.

I think the same goes for Barkley and it wouldn’t take a ‘Gareth Bale sized valuation’ either.

‘It is not the right time for the player or the club to consider anything.’

With their season going the way it is, they are under no pressure to sell in January and Barkley will likely want to see out what has been an impressive season for the side.

But if they fail to make the Champions League, in a season that has handed them their best shot at doing so, then they may now find it hard to hold on to the midfielder and perhaps it is at that point that Moyes should test Martinez, and Barkley, with a bid.

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43 responses to “Martinez Leaves Hints That Moyes Can Call His Bluff On Barkley”

  1. Merrychristmaslemons says:

    Why would Barkley want to leave Everton for a mid table club,fighting for a Europa cup spot?However, given Moyes’ past record of giving youth a chance (lol!!!!), I’m sure Barkley would do amazingly well for you…just like Zaha…

    • Fabfourfan says:

      Pug….why? Surely you want a league that is competitive and that means uniteds future trophies are won in a healthy ultra competitive league?
      As for deluded… Are we not allowed to cherish our club, support our players and take pride in our history and best players…?
      With arrogance and a lack of spirit like yours is it any wonder that some people see mancs as entitled and insufferable?
      I personally have nothing but respect for United forged in 46 years as a match going blue… I started the thread because this particular site generally has proper “manc” fans rather than 12 year old southern keyboard warriors
      Happy Christmas best of luck but 1 point behind us!

  2. Chris says:

    So many Man U fan blogs stating that it’s practically a done deal that Barkley is on his way to Old Trafford; like it’s been mandated that all young players have no choice in the matter. Of course they want to-you’re Manchestr United, right? But with each blog coming out and saying the same thing-I think you’re getting a little nervous, a little desperate, and trying to convince yourself that you’re still who you think you are.

  3. Pug says:

    I can’t wait to get back on this thread once he signs for united or any other of the big clubs just to laugh at the idiotic comments on here from deluded blues.

  4. akash says:

    Moyes should bring back jesse lingard and nick powell then decide if we need to buy barkley or not. We got great talent in both player. Why wasting time if they both are better. Just focus in our main problem. Buy two central midfielder and one central defender because ferdinand will retired soon.

  5. manufan says:

    These player : jesse lingard,n.powell,r.tunnicliffe,m.keane,w.keane,david.petrucci,larnell.cole all these was a strong team in united academic now see some of them are out on loan the academy is become a bit weaker. With such player moyes should give them chance to show their talent in professional level because they have already proved their talent as team in academy level.

    Some of them left the club and shining as first team player in professional team. Like : r.brady,paul progba,p morrisson. And januzaj which becoming a star.

  6. Win says:

    Ross Barkley owes David Moyes absolutely nothing. His dithering and tactics almost ensured that he would still be going on loan to Championship sides for a while yet. Never thought I’d say this,but you lot are welcome to him and his boring brand of football.

  7. Mike says:

    Moyes will very rarely give youngsters a chance without throwing them out ,for a season or so and then only give them a game or two before sending back to U21’s for a few weeks. Martinez has shown that he lets develop by living in 1st team, faults and all. Moyes still wouldn’t give Barkley 16 games on the run . Just look at your young Belgian lad, 2 goals at Sunderland and then in/out of team.

  8. Barry says:

    Only a Manc would interpret Martinez comments in such a way. Rooney was a one off situation, a mutually beneficial deal for 2 clubs & a player in vastly different business, footballing & personal situations than compared with now. Barkley is basically Everton’s Steven Gerrard and will become so. Everton are challenging for the title & certainly the CL places. Barkley is a local lad, close to his family & mum, has no known personal vices or massive ego (unlike Rooney) and adores playing for Everton. Fellaini was always going & was always being sold, yet we still managed to screw you for £27m. Baines was never going. Barkley is certainly not going anywhere. He’s about to sign a lucrative new 5 year contract paying him big bucks. Football has changed & Utd have changed post-Fergie. Players don’t just go to Utd anywhere simply because they come calling. Utd fans need to realise this. Moyes especially needs to grasp that he needs to stand on his own 2 feet & stop lazily falling back on his old clubs players that aren’t for sale. Barkley certainly has a bit of needle between him & Moyes, as shown by his tweet after Swansea game about proving people wrong. People need to treat Everton with more respect & realise it’s now 2013 not 2004.