Date:25th January 2014 at 3:16am
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David Moyes

The rumour is that despite signing Juan Mata, David Moyes has more in store for Manchester United.

Thimble sized striker and ITK Michael Owen claims there is more to come but just what is it?

The consensus  is that Moyes will suddenly become the Messiah, walk on water and transubstantiate when United announce a deal to sign Juventus midfielder Arturo Vidal but could the Chilean be a smokescreen?

Last night as Bayern Munich further consolidated their place at the top of the Bundesliga beating Borussia Mönchengladbach 2-0, Mr Moyes was in attendance. There were approximately 46.5 players on display that Moyes came to see if you believe the papers (and us!) but it’s one that hasn’t been mentioned that piques the interest.

The chosen one? Perhaps. International man of mystery? No chance as Moyes was spotted conversing with the agent of Toni Kroos, Sascha Breese.

Kroos’ contract expires in 18 months and whilst it is likely that he will renew his deal with the European champions, why shouldn’t Moyes have a crack?


I’m no lip reader (you can’t read lips, it’s a picture but for the sake of my gag go along with it) but it looks like Moyes is saying, “Woodward will give you 2 cats, a push bike, 4 magic beans and will pay for the first round at the Blaise if Kroos signs.”

What do you mean we aren’t allowed to make Woodward jokes now he’s signed Mata? Spoilsports!