Date:19th February 2014 at 4:20am
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Javier Hernandez

Whilst out in Dubai with Manchester United Javier Hernandez was snapped with a fan wearing a ‘Heisenberg’ tee from the hit show ‘Breaking Bad’, but Chicharito isn’t that far removed from Walter White himself.

No Hernandez has become an overnight Meth dealer, peddling blue magic and killing people but he is a good guy like Walter who has sought alternative means to get what he wants/where he needs to be.

Whilst a dying Walt started cooking Meth to make money and give his family a better life, Hernandez could be seeking a move away from Old Trafford in order to revive his career.

Then as Walt turned a bit evil and took it far so has Chicha with his cryptic instagram post last week.

I’m reaching aren’t I?

Let’s just hope Chicha doesn’t blow up Moyes like Walt did Gus!

Chicha Heisenberg