Date: 26th March 2014 at 3:16am
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It appears the writing could very well be on the wall for David Moyes at Old Trafford after the club had stewards guarding the ‘Chosen One’ banner.

Moyes slumped to a 10th defeat of the season against Man City yesterday evening and his record as manager makes for horrible reading;

  • Most home defeats in 12 years
  • 1 win in 13 against top of the table opposition league
  • Beaten home and away by both Liverpool and Man City

It has been said that as long as he has the fans on his side Moyes will be fine but it appears public opinion is turning against him so much that after tonight’s loss stewards in Old Trafford had to guard the “Chosen One” banner erected in his honour.

Stretford End Flags have been asked to take the banner down already by fan groups and if it goes or even worse is taken down by angry fans will surely signal a step too far for Moyes.

Personally I feel it was a badly thought out idea to put it up in the first place, as an situation like this was possible. It added unnecessary pressure, perhaps it should have been put up after he had eased his way into the job?

Chosen One


9 responses to “PHOTO: Stewards Guard ‘Chosen One’ Banner After Derby Defeat”

  1. GoddessUtd says:

    The Chokin’ One…

  2. Uche chukwuma says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha,i said it b4 d strt of d league that moyes must surely take us OUT of any european competition. (1) He’s not experience (2) He doesnt hv a good record as a manager (3) He’s too LOW and too FAR away in qualification to be given such a HUGE job with his inexperience staff,board and backbone that made up of deadwood,nevelle brothers and steve round. Hmmm,SACK is the answer coz even if he is given a century job he wil neva add anytin to our TROPHY MALL. Out u scotish.


    his not deserve to manage united, stupid MOYES!

  4. venkatarama says:

    Stupid Moyes. Even after a lapse of about seven months, he is not able to evaluate the ability of the players at his disposal. Last season, Fergi won the crown with the same team with 11 points lead. If the MANU retain its popularity, the board should sack the manager immediately.

  5. man u crying says:

    moyes sack him now man u will be in a relegation battle next season if he stays. i have never seen a manger make so many bad decisions he picks the wrong teams all the time and cleverly should be loaned out to a non league club thats where he belongs. fellani waste of money matta does not fit team although could become a usefull squad player. M OYES COULD SIGN RONALDO MESSI AND 5 OTHER WORLD CLASS PLAYERS AND HE WOULD STILL NOT FINISH IN THE TOP FOUR HE HAS A VERY GOOD KNACK OF BEING A USELESS WANKER.

  6. ak says:

    I said it before also sack him he not worth to be given time sir alex make big mistake just becoz they are same country

  7. ak says:

    If city we get 3-0 then i can’t imagine wat will happen to us with bayern munich

  8. ak says:

    Open your eyes united owner we fans can see that moyes is not made for united so why u can’t see it

  9. Calm Down says:

    Please dont worry and calm down. Moyes has promised to
    take Man Utd to europe next season even if he has to write the song himself.