Date: 11th May 2014 at 3:29pm
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It appears this new trend of plane banners is going to be here for a little while, after yet another one was flown over a Premier League ground.

Earlier in the season disgruntled United fans flew a ‘Moyes Out’ banner over Old Trafford and after the Scot was sacked another saying ‘Thank You Moyes’ was flown over the stadium.

But with the Premier League wrapping up and Steven Gerrard looking likely to go potless yet again some mischevious United fans flow a banner over Anfield to remind the Liverpool captain just how many Premier League titles he’s won!

Gerrard banner


3 responses to “PHOTO: United Fans Troll Steven Gerrard With Plane Banner”

  1. Fiddle says:

    MAn Utd fans are obsessed like Hitler was obsessed with Jews. A sickness in their heads.

  2. slider says:

    how clever are united fans didnt realise united had won 20 titles since gerrard started playing in the prem? your team is shit and all you can do is think about liverpool.