Date: 24th May 2014 at 6:10am
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Manchester United may have to look elsewhere for a left back this summer, after their move for Luke Shaw stalled according to Jamie Jackson.

It was believe that United would complete a £30m move for the left back this summer, after reports of a United approach for the Southampton player emerged on the final day of the season.

Whilst nothing official came from either side many believed that the deal had been or would be completed, with the Daily Mail going as far as to claim that Shaw had told his team mates that he was joining United.

But Jackson of The Guardian believes the move has stalled causing Shaw to look elsewhere namely Chelsea, the team he supported as a boy.

Jackson wrote:

Luke Shaw’s prospective transfer to Manchester United has stalled, with the left-back considering his options and determined not to rush into any move from Southampton.

Jackson went on to cite the renewal of Evra’s contract as an indicator of the transfer’s status:

The decision to give Patrice Evra a one-year contract extension, which emerged on Friday and could be viewed as a surprise, may be a recognition from United that the 20-times champions could yet miss out on Shaw.

Many believed United would blitz the transfer market following last summer’s shenanigans, but thus far there has been no signalling of intent from the club with a move for Bayern Munich’s Toni Kroos also collapsing.


12 responses to “United See ANOTHER Deal Collapse?”

  1. Mark says:

    As a united fan the rumours and headlines are becoming tedious already united are linked with every player out there, then the same papers report it’s on it’s off its on again. Typical of what. We all know nothing…..what I’d like to see is papers reporting on actual fact. Maybe that’s too much to ask?

  2. David Smith says:

    Southampton fans are pretty fed up with just about every member of their team being linked with a move away, and most claiming that such moves are a done deal. I find these reports insulting, there are never any reliable quotes from spokesman from the clubs concerned. In my view they add up to defamation pure and simple, and as such are actionable. The only surprise is that the clubs dont seem to be concerned about putting a stop to this kind of gutter press reporting, which again in my view, is deplorable. They would be nothing without the fans and they owe it to the fans to put a stop to this kind of thing and it doesnt much matter whose club we are talking about.

  3. Kings says:

    Less talk more work. Getting fucking boring already.

  4. Kings says:

    Less talk more work. Getting boring already.

  5. Alfred says:

    you are always lying to us…..what a fuckin talks

  6. danny says:

    Am getting boered with all this nosense reports from different papers. They are just writting for selling their papers. we advice u media to write things which are facts and stop lying the fans.

  7. Jordi says:

    Until United come out and release a confirmation they have made a bid I wouldn’t believe anything the papers report. I’ve seen it all to often, usually just agents trying to get more money and if united are reportedly interested clubs usually panick. Kroos agent did the same but bayern haven’t fallen for it and won’t offer improved terms so he’s shit out of luck. Still think shaw will join but Southampton rejected our 27m bid so we are obviously looking at other options before commiting 30m + for an 18 year old. We may have done it with Rooney and I’d be happy if they spent that much on Barkley but for such a young defender it’s abit pricey. Van Gaal will have a list of players he wants and who’s to say Shaw is on that list?

    • Dazp says:

      Only problem with Van Gaal having a list of players is that’s all it is a list, Moyes had a list last season and what happened? Too early to panic but you have to wonder what’s happening!!!

  8. Mistok says:

    I am ready to delete your web site, if I need a fantasy fix,I’ll go to the Disney site. How can you confirm deal done and later deal collapses!!
    Please wait and print reality!!!!!!!

  9. farouk says:

    Let be factual,united and the board are not serious,they haven’t learn there mistake from past experience,I won’t believe if a deal is yet to be done,I go through several clubs website as soon as transaction start before you know it the deal is done.ITS BETTER UNITED AND THE BOARD WAKE FROM THEIR SLUMBER.

  10. jonathan bianco says:

    Utd will get the players they need. Agents stir these things up to get the best deal. With the World cup so close its obvious that any serious player who ants t focus on the tournament will deny any taks and will say they are staying put, I am confident that once the worlds cup is over we will have the signings we need confirmed.