Date:28th May 2010 at 1:00pm
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David Gill has seen his stock progressively fall with United fans as the Green and Gold campaign has increased. He has begun to look more and more like a Glazer puppet and a liar, acting as a spin doctor for the American owners.

He declared debt was the road to ruin but claims that the Glazers are running the club well even though they have saddled us with huge debts and rising interest payments on this debt.

I personally didn’t have anything against him having taken over from the universally acclaimed ass Peter Kenyon but slowly I’m finding that Gill is going down the same path as Kenyon in my estimation.

Gill has taken every opportunity to knock the Green & Gold campaign, previously calling it “ridiculous” and saying it will make no difference to the owners. Rightly his words have not endeared him to the fans as his home was targeted by campaigners and it was reported that his son Oliver was booed during reserve games.

After such events it would be easy to see why he doesn’t agree with or like the Green & Gold campaign but is it wise to continue to rile up fans with his comments?

Today in an interview with The Independent Gill has again been speaking on the movement trying to brush it off as insignificant by claiming,

“We understand people’s desire to protest and I think it is a minority. It’s a visible minority in the stadium.”

I think anyone with eyes would disagree and it’s clearly more than a ‘minority’ but this is just another tactic of Gill to downplay it’s importance. He then went on to say,

“I think that [the green and gold] minority will go away.”

As his home and son has already been targeted you would think that Gill would keep quiet and just do his job but instead, he has developed an ego (the same thing he accused the Red Knights of!) and continually thrusts himself into the limelight with his inflammatory comments.

Last I knew Gill was United’s Chief Executive and not our social/media commentator so he would do better to not talk on the Green & Gold movement, instead he should just focus on his job. If it is so insignificant and just a minority it shouldn’t be on his radar.