Date: 24th October 2010 at 7:02pm
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Looks like we really unearthed a gem in Hernandez, he puts them in the back of the net by any means. This goal here requires particular skill and to be able to generate that kind of power is special. Looking forward to seeing how he develops!


5 responses to “GIF: Hernandez’s backwards header”

  1. Pauline Gill says:

    Little Pea is a real find, I wonder who the original scout was, know club sent out chief scout afterwards for 3 weeks. Whoever it was needs a rise in commission!Know it could all go wrong because he is so young, but looks like real deal to me. He’ll keep Rooney on his toes anyway. Suspect could be end for Michael Owen though. Shame, soft spot for him!

  2. stuart says:

    i love this kid!!

  3. marco says:

    this is only the beginning…world star figure coming soon… haa great job my brother!

  4. jonathan says:

    Thank God he didn’t get whiplash on that move! He’s got a bright, bright future ahead. As Pauline said, this unfortunately doesn’t bode well for Owen as I’m sure Chicha has moved to 3rd on the the forward depth chart.

  5. The Glutten says:

    So he can score with the back of his head, he can score with his face. What’s next? He takes a penalty with his ears?

    Unbelievable adjustment in mid-air. You feel that Hernandez is only going keep on astounding us.