Date: 5th November 2010 at 10:29am
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According to the M.E.N we have sounded out Steven Defour and Marek Hamsik as the players rebuild our midfield in light of the impending retirements of players like Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs.

There has been much speculation around both players, Defour has apparently been on our radar since Sir Alex sent him a get well soon letter after he picked up a serious injury whilst Hamsik just this weekend came out stating he couldn’t turn down the lure of Manchester United.

It’s a no brainer we need midfielders of their quality but are they the players we are really looking at? A huge number of players are linked with United all the time and today rumours of a move for Alexis Sanchez have picked up too whilst Lassana Diarra was linked earlier this week.

So are Marek Hamsik and Steven Defour the players we will bring in and more importantly, are they the players that you want?

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6 responses to “Poll: Are Marek Hamsik & Steven Defour the players to rebuild our team”

  1. kiwwi says:

    Hamsik definitely NO, Defour mayby yes – He’s a classic CM with a good shot and solid passes…He is young and so talented, but there are so many players on the market, hard to say…Gaffer know

  2. jonathan says:

    Maybe the poll should read “sign Hamsik OR Defour” as I doubt we’d bring both in. It’s easy to just say an opinion, but if I’m honest I’d have to say I’ve spent more time reading about them (esp. in Defour’s case) than I have seen them playing.
    But out of sheer speculation, Defour’s described attributes seem to address every part of a midfielder we need. He seems to be similar to Scholes. Additionally, I don’t think Scholes will retire this year, so that would allow a him to mentor Defour for a good amount of time. Out of sheer superstition, the last time we were linked to a player for a good amount of time, who was from the Low Countries and was also delayed by an injury was Ruud VN…maybe history repeating.

    Diarra is a VERY good idea. At this stage we can’t plan around Hargreaves possible return. At best if he returns, he’ll have a Ledley King scenario of only playing 2-3 times a month.

    • Chudi Onwuazor says:

      That’s what the point of the poll is haha! I don’t think we’ll sign both, not in line with our recent transfer policy. Would like to know who is the more popular signing of the two though, off the Twitter page it appears that it is Defour but that isn’t the full picture.

      I’m more for Defour than Hamsik myself, Diarra would be a decent signing that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg too.

      • jonathan says:

        You think Diarra would be expensive? Every player they’ve sold in the last couple years has been a pittance to their true value…though our sale of Ronaldo to them for the equivalence of a smaller nation’s GDP may still be in the back of their minds.

  3. fakrul says:

    Defour , may be … Hamsik no…. but i think we will end up with rodwell and that would be great.