Date: 23rd November 2010 at 7:00pm
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There have been a few songs made in honour of Javier Hernandez by those enamoured by his scoring feats.

I saw this awful effort last week on Twitter and whilst it is an attempt at humour, it really is awful. I stumbled upon this one today:

not quite as bad but still not my cup of tea. I wonder if he stops scoring will these people go away?


6 responses to “Video: A musical ode to Chicharito”

  1. Minhaj says:

    absolutely terrible am afraid 😀

  2. miguel says:

    Vaya manera de usar el nombre y la popularidad de alguien para sobresalir.

  3. UGLY SONG says:

    The mariachi is king in Jalisco, banda sucks too, but salsa? That’s not what Mexico is known for unless you are talking about the type you eat not the type Columbia or the Puerto Rican, dominican countries use.

    Bad taste in music truly

  4. yola says:

    hahahaha.. mejor seria en banda,mariachi pero salsa ¿?¿ bueno cada quien trata de obtener publicidad de el . Pero sean mas creativos 🙂

  5. jonathan says:

    I could write better lyrics in my sleep. Aren’t the best odes usually just taken from popular tunes? How about Tito Nieves “I like it like that”

    “Ohhhh Chico, I like it like that. You’ve got goals, you’ve got goals”

  6. Daimon says:

    I have to agree with all comments above … this attempt at a song, and the other one referred to above, are the WORST football songs / chants ever!

    Besides, there’s already a CD of chants for El Chicharito released and available on iTunes … the main chant is like jonathan said – to a popular song – and is #1 on the United charts! … you can find links to it via …

    hope people will accept these chants and adopt them instead of trying to reinvent the wheel with bad taste/gay sounding songs … they are an embarrasment to our great club United, and an even bigger embarrasment for Chicharito himself!!! – he must cringe every time he hears something like these and wonder if he made the right choice moving to Man United!!!