Date: 4th December 2010 at 1:15pm
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Over the course of the summer I looked at a number of young cheap players that I felt could strengthen the team. The pick of that bunch was a certain Mesut Ozil and whilst he went on to be acclaimed as star by the world another player who it was felt was just as if not as talented didn’t quite get the same buzz.

Now Marko Marin is actually being linked with us rather than it merely being suggested so I thought I would give you a quick reminder of who he is.

Well the secret is out! In May we looked at Mesut Ozil and proclaimed that he would shine at the World Cup. Ozil hasn’t disappoint and is for many the standout player not only in Germany’s team but the World Cup full stop.

Obviously with his performances he has attracted the attention of the Europe’s finest including us, Chelsea, Barcelona and Inter Milan and with increased interest there comes an inflated price tag. Sir Alex has continually said there is no value in the transfer market so I’m going to put him ahead of the game on this one.

Whilst watching Mesut Ozil it’s impossible for you to not have noticed Marko Marin. He isn’t an unknown but in the same breath many will be unaware of his talents.

The diminutive German has picked up the moniker “The German Messi” due to his appearances and you can see why people have made the comparison as he slaloms off the wings leaving flat footed defenders for dead.

Marin started out as a central play maker at Eintracht Frankfurt but made the move out wide with Borussia Monchengladbach where his performances in the second division saw him called up into Germany’s preliminary Euro 2008 squad. Although he didn’t make it into the full team for the competition, it showed how highly he was rated that at the age of 20 playing in the German second division he was deemed good enough to play for the national team.

Now 21 the technically gifted player has impressed along side Ozil at Werder and invariably the two will be compared. In my opinion Ozil is more cerebral, his intelligence and maturity allow excel as we have seen with Germany. He has a brilliant footballing brain that is offset by his technical ability whereas Marin matches physical attributes with his technical abilities in order to shine.

Despite his size he has good strength when on the ball which is encouraging especially when he bombs down the wing or cuts in as it would be easy to assume that he may not be able to stand up to the physicality of bigger defenders. A good passer as well as not being afraid to shoot and you have every transfer muppet’s dream!

It was thought that Everton had struck a deal to sign himĀ  last season but that proved untrue. If Werder dig their heels in regarding Ozil, they may allow Marin to leave and anyone who enquires will surely be getting a top notch player. He has only made 2 substitute appearances at the World Cup thus far and has been far from his best but if given a full 90 minutes I think the rapid winger could have people talking the way Ozil has.

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One response to “The Transfer Muppet: Werder’s Marko Marin aka ‘the German Messi’”

  1. Mas says:

    Saw him at Spurs earlier this season, he was t,he only bright spark in that team. He does play like Messi, but also has a resemblance to Marc Albrighton with his crossing ability. Could be worth a buy…