Date: 25th May 2010 at 5:00pm
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Today we look at another midfielder, Werder Bremen’s Mesut Ozil but where Kacar and Martinez were box to box types, Ozil is truly a play maker.

Held in high esteem by Europe’s top clubs the German midfielder of Turkish descent has been making quite a name for himself attracting attention from Arsenal, Juventus, Man City.

Described as ‘a one man source of creativity and surprise’, Ozil has ensured that Werder Bremen have not missed Diego with some excellent displays. This season he grabbed 10 goals but more importantly 19 assists for his team mates compared to the 3 goals and 15 assists the season prior (one of which being the winner in the German cup final against Bayer Leverkusen).

Best playing behind the strikers, Ozil acts as an impromptu left winger cutting in from that side. His game is characterised by great pinpoint passing, which is aided by excellent awareness as to where his team mates are and smart runs. He is very direct when dribbling and has pace but I prefer when he has the ball at his feet and is looking for a team mate. He was the heart of the Germany team that tore England’s u21 team to shreds in last summer’s European championship final as Germany ran out 4-0 winners.

His contract expires in June 2011 and Werder Bremen themselves have accepted that they may have to sell him this summer rather than risk losing him for free next summer. He will be in South Africa this summer with Germany and will be looking to shine on the big stage and most likely adding a couple million to his price tag but with his contract situation I doubt Werder will be asking for a monumental fee.


3 responses to “The Transfer Muppet: Mesut Ozil”

  1. Tom says:

    He is a highly rated playmaker and I think he could be one of the stars of the World Cup. Man Utd have been linked with Luka Modric alot, but this lad might be a better investment. He is only 21 and would be cheaper. However David Silva would also be a good signing. Ferguson said there will probably be only one signing. If that is the case then it has to be a creative midfielder, who can create goals and score a few himself. If we can get a player to spark the team then our other strikers like Berbatov, Hernandez, Owen, Macheda and Diouf might score more.

  2. jonathan says:

    I had barely heard of this guy…sounds like it could be a good buy for someone.

    I agree with Tom (as usual). We really need to focus on a good attacking midfielder. While Ozil may have potential, why not spend some money to get proven developed talent? I typically agree with SAF’s approach in shrewd signings and player development. It is also ultimately more rewarding for fans to watch their own player develping into a star. BUT we are still a huge club and big signings shouldn’t be rare either. I don’t care if i’ve said it a million times – BUY SILVA! He is young, extremely talented and proven at the highest level – and currently plays for a broke team. Plus, he actually wants to play for us and is exactly what we need.

    It’s been nearly two years since our last big signing in Berbatov. Regardless of the debate of whether or not he’s a bust, it should have no bearing whether or not we can pay a big fee again. I’m not advocating we go the path of Chelsea or Real, but we don’t have to run in the other direction either. Lately SAF is starting to sound as frugal and obstinate as Wenger.

    So please SAF and United management, connect the dots: -we need a creative midfielder – Silva is one of the world’s best – he wants to play for us – his club is broke and will probably sell – we should have lots left from the Ronaldo kitty. Is there another detail I’m missing?

  3. Chudi Onwuazor says:

    Valencia look like they don’t want to play ball now they have the Villa money.
    Ozil would both be good option not quite world class but nearly, cheap and effective.

    I totally agree with the small buying players for the future point. I wouldn’t want us going down the path of Arsenal. One marquee signing a season won’t kill us and if they are good the onfield success should/could pay the fee in itself!