Date: 3rd January 2011 at 4:03pm
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As grabbed a green and gold scarf and wore it around his neck, the heart of most fans skipped a beat.

It was the culmination of a sweet homecoming for the former golden boy. On the night where he came on as a substitute for AC Milan, whom Rooney & co thrashed 4-0, he was greeted by huge cheers and a standing ovation and was jokingly booed every time he touched the ball. It was not surprising a welcome, but as the MLS is on holiday, would it make sense to sign him on loan?

seems to think Beckham is eager to join Spurs on loan for a few months, even though LA Galaxy are not anticipating a move for him since he came back injured from AC Milan last year and Beckham has said he wants to nurse his fitness back before the season resumes.

Amidst all this, there have been a few calls for Beckham to return to for a couple of months.

Personally, I cannot understand why we would like to have him back for 2 months. Don’t get me wrong, I am a massive fan of Beckham, like most, if not all, fans. There is a feeling of pride every time I think about how far he has come and that it all started at Old Trafford. One of our own, who had to leave on a sad note after falling out with the manager, went out to new pastures, has now played for 3 of the world’s biggest clubs and is a truly global icon. There are loads of purists who would probably hate him for all his commercial success. But, wherever he has gone, everyone has raved about how hard he works and how he has managed to play top level football for such a long time through determination and discipline.

But is him being a hardworking old favourite enough for him to come back for an off-season stint?

What would he bring to the team? Could he be handy in central midfield? Maybe, unlikely actually, but even if he was, Carrick, Ando and Fletcher are already doing a decent job there with Scholes and Gibson also in contention. Has Beckham still got it, or more importantly, can he still do it in the PL? I don’t think so. Despite what people would tell you about his limitations (cannot dribble, not really that fast even in his prime, etc), Beckham was a world-class player but he is now 35 and looks well past it. I am sceptical as to whether he could prosper once again the PL.

Now, you might say, he’s only going to be here for 2 months, not on a permanent basis and he could be a good influence on the training ground and also provide some experience in certain games. My question would be, do we really need Beckham to provide some morale boost? Don’t we have current players like Rio, Vidic, Giggs, Fletcher and Rooney for that? We have a squad of players who have been together for a while now and we have title winning stars and old heads who are there to guide and advise. Simply put, we do not need Beckham and I think neither we, nor he would benefit from him joining us.

Even speaking hypothetically, if Beckham was still good enough to warrant a place in a team, it would take a massive change of mind on behalf of Don Fergie to sign a player whom he did not see eye-to-eye with at the time of his exit and whom he completely left out of his match notes ahead of his much-awaited return to with his AC Milan team.