Date: 30th August 2011 at 12:01pm
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Depending on what example you choose to look at, news that Kiko Macheda is set to head North East is good/bad news.

The loan system has paid dividends for us in the past with the likes of David Beckham and now Tom Cleverley likely to be added to the list of players that have benefited from spells away from Old Trafford.

But it hasn’t always been beneficial.

At the start of the 2006/2007 season Giuseppe Rossi headed up north to St James Park, it was thought the spell there would bring him along but 13 appearances and 1 goal later the spell was deemed anything but a success.

Claims he had not been utilised properly by Glenn Roeder for the half season there were given credence when he went on loan to Parma for the second half of the season and grabbed 9 goals and 4 assists in 20 games.

He has since gone on to prove his worth as one of the best strikers in Europe further ridiculing Newcastle’s decision not to use him.

But Danny Welbeck’s spell on Tyneside is the polar opposite of Rossi’s on Teesside. Very much a ‘boy to man’ story, playing under Steve Bruce has played a major role in his rise to prominence in Manchester United’s first team this season.

Keeping Dimitar Berbatov on the bench, Welbeck scored 2 goals in 3 games before a hamstring injury halted his progress but even that is indicative of how well he is doing, who would have thought there would be weeping and gnashing of teeth upon hearing that the boy that they said wasn’t going to make it at Old Trafford would be out for 6 weeks?

So where does this leave Kiko?

Macheda definitely needs a loan spell, whilst his time back at Sampdoria last season was a nightmare a spell at an English club will do him the world of good.

Looking at our striking options it is unlikely he will get the games needed for him to develop at the rate he needs to but what club offers the best prospects for the Italian?

A quality finisher, the fact Newcastle’s striking options aren’t the best bodes well for Macheda. Ba, Best and co (I won’t even acknowledge Ameobi!) are easily deposable in light of Macheda’s ability and with a decent team around him he could do well but is it a case of better the devil you know?

Bruce, rather than Sunderland as a club, has registered his interest in Macheda and this personal touch makes the move more appealing. Sunderland like Newcastle are not titans in the striking department; having lost Bent to Aston Villa and seen Welbeck return to United just Asamoah Gyan remains of their somewhat impressive attack from last season so there is definitely space for Macheda there.

Bruce’s work with Welbeck will also work in his favour and the fact that Wes and O’Shea have moved there this summer too will likely help Kiko settle that much quicker.

The transfer window closes tomorrow and at his age the decision of where to move is an important one for Kiko. Having picked incorrectly last season by deciding to go back to Italy it is integral he gets it right this time.

If I could have a word in his ear I would suggest the Stadium of Light!


8 responses to “Which club represents the best option for this young starlet?”

  1. 82b82down says:

    Sunderland…..he’ll have seen the Improvement of Welbeck & plus he’ll have John & we’d there……& with sum luck Gibbo..

  2. 82b82down says:


  3. Ismail abdulkarim says:

    I we like sunderland 2 have him, bcos thay have a maneger dat understand & know united game, when it come 2 talent young players, so dat by d time it get bak 2 united dere we no b any problem 4 him. Best of luck. Up united.

  4. jose says:

    They also have Campbell, Beardsley and Richardson, and Rio’s brother. Could anywhere be easier to settle into for Kiko?

  5. jonathan says:

    It’s either/or IMO. Sunderland do have the United connection, but Newcastle are also in great need of strikers and have the potential of a fairly dynamic midfield from the players they brought in from France who could provide good service. Sunderland is a good, safe choice; but Newcastle are a bit more of a wager where the down and up sides are potentially greater.

  6. Ardent says:

    Danny Welbeck’s spell on Wearside not Tyneside. Sunderland is on the river wear which also runs through Durham and not the Tyne.

    • Chudi says:

      I thought because it was in the borough of Tyne and Wear it could be classified as Tyneside. Apologies, geography wasn’t my strongest subject as you can see!