Date: 24th November 2011 at 7:14pm
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Manchester United face a stern test on Saturday when they host Newcastle United in a bid to reduce Man City’s five points lead before Liverpool entertain the league leaders at Anfield on Sunday.

Ahead of the game at Old Trafford, Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed he has huge respect for Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew and has always rated him despite him not always getting fair treatment as a manager.

Sir Alex said

“I’ve always respected Alan Pardew, I’ve always rated him.

“I think he was unfairly treated at West Ham and at Southampton, it was ridiculous actually.

“He took West Ham to the FA Cup final and was one minute away from winning the Cup. He was so unlucky.”

Alan Pardew was appointed at St. James Park last year after Southampton sacked him in 2009 and has transformed Newcastle United.

His side were unbeaten in the Premier League until last weekend when Premier League leaders Manchester City took all three points from them in a 3-1 win at the Etihad Stadium.

Sir Alex added,

“Alan’s done a great job at Newcastle.

“He’s galvanised them and got them fighting for each other.

“I watched their recent 2-2 draw at home to Tottenham and it was a great game, end to end, with both teams trying to win.

“There was a really good attitude among both sets of players. They were fighting for every ball.

“When you’ve got a Newcastle team doing that, with their great support behind them, you know you’re going to get a difficult game.”


5 responses to “Sir Alex Ferguson: I have always respected Alan Pardew”

  1. RedScot says:

    I somehow do not think that the lads at Charlton Athletic or West Ham or indeed Reading think along the same lines as Sir Alex.
    He may be meaning, in a general manner, of being a decent bloke and up front.
    Newcastle are obviously doing brilliant just now and working on a Ashley shoe string.
    Someone there clearly knows, there stuff regards selling players and the targets to go for.
    Tiote at £3.5 Million a bargain.
    Demba Ba…..Free….Unbelievable.
    Our Gabriel £3.00 Million, ok not a raging success at Manchester United, but might have found his level now, to get game time and grow.I wish Obertan the best of luck, naturally.
    Think on and we are not alone in this financial mire and prudency.Newcastle’s net spend in the last 3 years?…….Minus £44.00 Million. Net.WOW!

    • jonathan says:

      True, he inheirited some good players/bargains; but you’ve omitted Cabaye who’s been HUGE not to mention Marveaux. Bear in mind a manager does not simply buy/sell players but has to focus on tactics and man-management. In fact, that’s the bulk of their job. Judging by how virtually every player has elevated their performance (whether or not he was the one who signed them) then it’s clear measure of his success.

      Also, Fergie is clearly speaking about Pardew as a manager considering he is talking about him leading his team to a final and then being treated unfairly.

      Lastly, RedScot, I respect your opinons but please don’t be one of those people who think the only expenses of a club are transfer fees. I’m quite sure their net spend/expenditures does not remotely resemble that figure once you consider wages and general club operations. There’s a lot of clubs who are virtually neutral in terms of transfer fees but are still in debt.

      • RedScot says:

        Thank you Jonathon, I did not care to list all the players that the Barcodes have signed.Its boring!I personally think and wrote, the loss of Joey Barton for nothing,elswhere, was a statement of intent.Which is being delayed at Manchester City, Tevez.
        Jonathon I never said mate,anything about expenses at a club?I simply stated as this is a basic fans site, Fans judge the team bye the players on the park.
        Most if, not all football clubs are in debt.My concern like all sane United supporters is how to think it through to get us out of it.Although its closer than you think.

  2. Cris Diotte says:

    Solo guitarist looks like Desmond.

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