Date: 7th February 2012 at 12:19am
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Looking beyond rivalry, Liverpool are becoming a very detestable club.

The way they have handled the whole Suarez/Evra affair has left a bad taste in the mouth of many, and some of their fans haven’t made it any better.

When we faced them in the FA Cup they made a point of booing Patrice Evra and one fan was caught on camera making monkey gestures at him, his only crime was to complain that he had been racially abused by one of their players.

The Tom Adeyemi incident further painted their club in a bad light and this won’t do them any favours either.

This fan can be seen here with Liverpool’s third kit with the words “Mr. Negrito” printed on the back at tonight’s game against Tottenham.

Gestures like this, whilst thoughtless and perhaps an attempt at humour, are inflammatory as well as insensitive.

Of course this is by no means an attack on all Liverpool fans, there are undoubtedly some who didn’t agree with their club’s stance during the case, as well as fans in Anfield in the end of January that didn’t boo Evra.

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43 responses to “PHOTO: How Thoughtless Is This Liverpool Fan?”

  1. Steven says:

    Well I think the stewards at the game should be on the lookout for stupidity like this.
    This guy should be banned for life!

  2. Brad says:

    No mention of the Manc fan who was arrested last week for racist shouting? Predictable.

    • The Red Knight says:

      And was shopped by fans sitting around him…
      Convenient you forgot to add that

      • Joe says:

        What point are you making there?

        If the Tom Adeyemi or monkey gesture fans are convicted, it’ll be because LFC fans testified against them.

      • John says:

        He was shopped by a Stoke fan after he was caught abusing Stoke players. Convenient you forgot to add that …

        • Chudi says:

          Considering how and where the away fans are sat in OT, it is highly unlikely that Stoke fans reported him.

          Also accounts stated that it was United fans that reported him so…

        • wiuru says:

          As reported by the Guardian . United fans gave him up . Good on them .

  3. Burkatron says:

    Surely this can only be put down as tongue-in-cheek if anything, the fan is black afterall. As for being inflammatory and insensitive, well i guess thats down to individual response. Remember the word isnt any of those in its native language, however here in england we seem to jump on everything that offends us, no matter how trivial. Its about time this country got off its high horse.

  4. James Mirk says:

    It is a kid AND he is actually black. Therefore he is “Negrito” = small and black.

  5. Joe says:

    There’s been some kind of misunderstanding here. Is it wilfull or not? I can’t tell.

    The bottom line is that by-and-large, Liverpool and it’s supporters do not believe Suarez was guilty of racially abusing Evra. Once you understand that, everything else falls into place.

    Evra wasn’t booed because he dared to report Suarez. He was booed because Liverpool supporters believe he lied or exaggerated.

    I can’t speak for the fan in the above image but I would imagine he’s wearing that shirt to show solidarity and tolerance of cultural difference. I doubt it is his intention to be provocative.

    As for the Tom Adeyemi and monkey gesture incidents, nobody has been charged yet. But unlike Suarez, it looks like they’ve been caught bang-to-rights. If found guilty, they’ll be found guilty by real judiciary, in a real court, with real witnesses and real evidence.

    And so will Howard Hobson, 57, of Weaver Walk, Openshaw, Manchester.

  6. d h hErbert says:

    How do u not know is surname isn’t black! Bring on saturday u arrogant, self proclaimed arse lickers! And rooney tweeting saying suarez should of got a red card tonight! Unbelievable! Karma is a bitch! Watch out! Y..N..W..A

    • steve says:

      Is Rooney having an opinion unbelievable or wrong I’m sure you stand up for him when all you dippers are slating him for anything that he does! Go back to feeling sorry for yourselves. It’s quite sad how the love of a sports team causes otherwise rational thinking humans to defend the indefensible. Evra’s story didn’t convict suarez, it was the inconsistency of suarez’s story. in fact his own dipper colleagues couldn’t give a version which matched!! He wanted to use race to wind an opponent up and it backfired miserably! Fuck off back to your self-pitying dole queues and take that poison gnome, the ever-quitting queen kenny with you

      • d h hErbert says:

        I noticed the time your reply was! 2:13pm! What no work you benefit claiming scum bag! Get back to the crack pipe! Nugget! And who was talking about the suarez-evra case! Its about the kid wearing the shirt! Numbnuts!

  7. Karl Pilkington's Barber says:

    You’re time would be better spend writing articles about the Man U fan that was arrested for racial abuse at the Stoke game.

  8. Tonka Norris says:

    Anyone who reads or watches the news this year will know of the support given by LFC to a variety of anti-racism campaigns, such as “Racism: kick it out”. Thus the inconvenient fact of their player, Suarez, being banned for racist abuse must be explained by the abused, Evra, being a liar. This is odd because the tribunal pointed out the inconsistencies and evasiveness of Suarez as a witness. Liverpool for their part declared the process flawed but neglected to tell us why.

    I would urge Liverpool Football Club to renew their excellent work of combatting racism in the game. I would also offer a brand new slogan – “Racism: Leave it Out”.

    The ambiguity of the slogan is functional and inclusive of those who genuinely believe racism is ugly, through to those who go along with it until it implicates their players or fans.

  9. brisbanefan says:

    How ironic – at the game tonight the moving ad. said ‘Kick Out Racism’
    Behind the ad. Suarez was warming up.

    Liverpool, Dalglish and Suarez got off lightly.
    Suareaz admitted he used racist terms to Evra. He should have been banned for life.
    Dalglish should have got 6 months for defending racist language.
    And LFC should have got a 20 point deduction for treating the whole matter as inconsequential.

    As for the Pool fans who supported the Liverpool stance, then you confirmed what most people in the UK have known for a long time – you’re a bunch of *rseholes.

    • Joe says:

      You don’t seem to understand what Suarez was found guilty of.

      I don’t blame you – most people don’t. Most people haven’t read the report.

      The language Suarez admitted to using in the context he admitted to using it was deemed inoffensive – if used in Uruguay.

      Was it offensive if used in England? That wasn’t proven either way. That question went unanswered.

      The commission arbitrarily found Evra’s evidence to be more reliable than Suarez’s. Suarez was charged according to Evra’s version of events – not his own.

      But there is no evidence and there are no witnesses. That’s why the verdict is unacceptable.

      • jodyd says:

        Having read the entire report, I’m constantly amazed by Liverpool fans claiming the language experts backed them up, claiming that it was innofensive, and claiming people who dont understand this havent read the report.

        They found it was innoffensive in Uruguay among friends in the same way the N word is used amongst a certain community. In Uruguay the term is considered offensive to people you don’t know or out of friendly conversation.

        As Suarez was clearly arguing with Evra, and was not a friend in that context even in Uruguay it would be considered hostile.

        They found that even under Suarez’s version they would have to charge him, and given his changes in story and inconsistency they found his story false.
        Had he admitted firsthand and not changed his story, and apologies he probably would have gotten a fine and/or short ban. His choices of actions from there earned the length of the ban.

    • john lfc says:

      shut your mouth you silly little prick,if you cant say anything sensible expect more of this.fucking cunt

      • Red Mick says:

        and what if he doesn’t, you bin-dipping cunt…… Gonna attack him with your space bar!!!

      • steve says:

        well john lfc, after that little tantrum I guess your advice can also apply to you!!

        • Hypnophilus says:

          I’ve read the report and I think you’re viewing from a very partisan position. Context is everything. There are inconsistencies in Evras testimony too, just fewer of them. There are also logistical reasons why he might have a consistent testimony. He’s been found to have unreliable testimony previously (that isn’t saying he accused anyone of anything previously) so he’s clearly learned from his previous errors. Suarez wasn’t afforded the luxury of seeing the video evidence whilst giving a statement either.

          I’m not saying Suarez is/was innocent BUT personally I don’t agree with the FAs undemocratic and judge, jurer, And executioner court. Especially when it’s conviction rate is do high. The FA Charge and it’s a fait accompli. You can’t tell me that you as Utd fans agree with all of their rulings can you?

          Besides which Evra admitted to using a term deemed offensive in any country regarding Suarezs ethnic origin, but wasn’t charged because it didn’t refer to the colour of Suarez’s skin. That’s double standards if you ask me. If you charge and find one guilty the other must also be charged. If Evra had taken offense then he was clearly right to raise the issue. Suarez clearly has thicker skin.

  10. Coops89 says:

    Liverpool fan here, it’s not just our club that has racist fans, as pointed out above, you had a fan arrested for racism against Stoke. However, what the Liverpool fan above has emblazoned on his back is unacceptable, but every club has a few moronic fans. It’s important however to remember they are in the minority. Lets hope both sets of supporters (players aswell) keep it clean on saturday. It’s the Premier League’s standout fixture, hopefully we can both look forward to a classic.