Date: 28th March 2012 at 10:14pm
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just can’t seem to keep his mouth shut.

Following his comments about last week, today he added to it by telling the BBC’s Dan Roan that Manchester get favourable decisions at home,

“When play at home they get some advantage that other teams don’t get.”

One would have thought that Vieira would have been more careful with his words following the furore caused when he last decided to speak on City’s title rivals.

The BBC ran with the comments but and Vieira have reacted furiously to how the quotes have been presented and Dan Roan has subsequently been banned from all of their media activity.

In a statement released by City on their website, Vieira claims he was asked very leading questions by the BBC man and tried to avoid criticising at the SoccerEx exhibition that took place this afternoon:

“I am very angry with Dan Roan. I feel he has misrepresented me. I made it clear in the interview twice that I wanted to avoid criticising and even stated that I didn’t watch the United game against Fulham and had not seen the incident to which the reporter referred.

“That part of the interview was ignored and my comments were taken completely out of context.”

Whilst he may feel like he has been misrepresented, he didn’t actually deny saying this. He may not have been talking about the Fulham game itself, but he still made the remarks so I don’t see why he is so angry that the BBC used the quotes.

Perhaps should realise that the problem doesn’t actually lie with Roan but with Vieira?