Date: 13th May 2013 at 6:49pm
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With Manchester United taking the title back from Man City, Reds have turned out to celebrate a record 20th league title.

The title parade is taking place now and United fans have hit the city center in anticipation for the bus’ arrival. With a little while to go, some fans have staged a mini celebration of their own outside City’s store at the Arndale to give our neighbours a timely reminder of what colour the city is!


Photo courtesy of @locallink57


103 responses to “PHOTO: United Fans Take Over The Man City Store”

  1. Kippax St Kid says:

    The comments & replies of some of the half-witted, knuckle-dragging, troglodyte rags on here are quite frankly embarrassing. Well they would be if I had the misfortune to be associated with their soulless, plastic club.
    It seems they cannot be satisfied that their club have secured a 13th title under Alex (2 European Cups in 27 years)Ferguson. A 13th title they celebrated on 13th May 2013 incidentally.
    No, classy fans that they are, they choose to celebrate by picturing themselves posing in front of a City store holding up a cheap, tacky souvenir stall banner. The 2 “fans” pictured probably think they’re off to celebrate Yernitid winning the World Cup or something.

    Enjoy it while it lasts Rags. In the pre-Ferguson era you were arrogant and classless. During the Ferguson/Privatisation/Sky/G14 Cartel years you were insufferable bores. During the post Ferguson years with David (one 2nd division title in 15 years) Moyes I expect nothing will change.

    Nothing that is, except the trophies. As Bob (3 European Cups in 4 years) Paisley once said: “I remember Jimmy Adamson crowing after Burnley beat us (Liverpool) once, that his players were in a different league. At the end of the season they were.”

    I’m not a Liverpool fan. I’m a City fan – but I recognise class when I see it. For example, Manchester City fans & players were classy in congratulating Wigan on their victory on Saturday.

    You’d never, EVER, see that from a Rag. You see, they’re in a different league.

    • Gollum says:

      Looking at these things in context Juventus have now won the Italian league 29 times not a meagre 20.

      As for the real mark of Champions (the Champions League formerly known as the European Cup) where do the mighty ManU sit?

      Real 9 wins
      AC Milan 7 wins
      Liverpool 5 wins
      Bayern 4 wins
      Barca 4 wins
      Inter 3 wins
      Oh and Massive ManU a whopping 3 which is one more than Nottingham Forest

      • Eric the king says:

        Looking at these things in context, 29 does sound a lot, certainly more than 3, though what the fuck Juve, the masters of class so much so they were relegated for fixing matches- cue examples of hundreds of matches fixed for united, but yet to be proved- got to do with a thread, a very light hearted one at that, about 2 females outside the local oxfam shop.
        As for ‘a whopping 3 is 1 more than Forest, yes it is, who also have 2 more than you, but don’t have silly little look-at-me McDonalds stars on their kit.

      • Dave says:

        And city none ha ha

  2. Jem says:

    Were they up in Manchester for the weekend, before running back to London/Dublin/Belfast/Japan?

    • Kippax St Kid says:

      Basingstoke, Kuala Lumpur, Bognor Regis – anywhere without a football club to speak of.

  3. red army says:

    funny how city fans always comment on the mighty reds not being from Manchester. last time i checked the majority of blues come from stoclport.

    • Gollum says:

      You cant even spell Stockport you complete moron. Uniteds plastic fans proving that there is an IQ below zero. Knuckle dragging cretins.

    • The goat says:

      It’s Stockport you tool, a tad closer than London, Norway, Ireland and Bristol me tinks eh???

      You can NOT deny your atmosphere is shocking with all your out of towners? I know some hard core Reds who simply don’t go anymore because of your legion of non caring soles, like this lot in this picture, but some of you are stupid enough to tell other fans that you are proud of your crowds? Really???

      • Eric the king says:

        I don’t think you’ll find anyone saying the atmospheres brilliant, however, this certainly isn’t exclusive to United, its hit all of the top clubs, & sadly that goes with the glamour of the premier league these days.
        Football will never be like the 80s or 90s again, & without doing down the road of ribbing you over ‘X’ amount of empty seats, you will also find the longer you hang around at the top, the more tourists you will also find in your ground.
        Now surely though, 1 thing you must, even begrudginly so, is admit that despite having owners fleecing our club, we’very enjoyed incredible success whilst being self-sufficient, whilst the likes of yourselves, chelsea & even Liverpool have have been flashing large amounts of cash.

        • Kippax St Kid says:

          @ Eric The Ring:

          Self sufficient eh? So MUFC PLC never had it’s own sugar daddy aka The Stock Exchange?

          Chelsea, and more recently City have had single owners pumping in loads of investment cash. What’s the difference between being owned by Sheik Mansour or being owned by 20,000 pin striped suit wearing, filofax waving Hooray Henry yuppies (after first being touted to the likes of Michael Knighton & Robert Maxwell?

          The answer is….no difference. United got their relatively huge cash injection from a bunch of Tarquins, Gaylords & Sebastians whereas City got theirs 20 years later from an oil rich Sheik.

  4. Squeam and squeam and squeam again says:

    I was dead dead impressed the Hale Barns massive took the City shop.

    They is the dogs whatsits and they can get really mean calling names and stuff like that.

    So watch out Woon Rayney as the Hale Barns massive will be visiting your home any time soon to bother you and call you fatty shrek and scream a lot.