Date:11th July 2013 at 4:42am
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A Spanish radio station is reporting that Pep Guardiola has stepped in to snap up Thiago Alcantara from under Manchester United’s nose.

There has been little progress in United’s move for the midfielder despite confirmed interest from the club, and now it appears that Thiago’s former boss has swooped to take him to Germany.

Journalist Juanmo Castano appeared on Spanish radio station COPE  claiming that he had been told by a reliable source that Thiago, having received offers from United, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, would be heading to the Bavarian club.

“First, we have been told that Thiago Alcantara’s future is not at Barca.

“Second, we have been told the club he has chosen. The club Thiago has chosen is Bayern Munich.

“This is from a very credible source, a source that is, lets say, directly linked to the footballer.”

Castano went on to say:

“Thiago knew that there were several players in his position, but was told by Pep Guardiola on the phone that he was moving Javi Martinez to centre back as Marcelo Bielsa did with him at Athletic Bilbao.”

Castano would go on to cover his bases by saying due to the nature of the transfer window, his report should be taken with a pinch of salt(?)

Whilst every United fan would love to see Thiago at Old Trafford, I think as with Sneijder the whole thing is becoming tedious and that a resolution is needed sooner rather than later.