Date: 11th July 2013 at 4:42am
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A Spanish radio station is reporting that Pep Guardiola has stepped in to snap up Thiago Alcantara from under Manchester United’s nose.

There has been little progress in United’s move for the midfielder despite confirmed interest from the club, and now it appears that Thiago’s former boss has swooped to take him to Germany.

Journalist Juanmo Castano appeared on Spanish radio station COPE  claiming that he had been told by a reliable source that Thiago, having received offers from United, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, would be heading to the Bavarian club.

“First, we have been told that Thiago Alcantara’s future is not at Barca.

“Second, we have been told the club he has chosen. The club Thiago has chosen is Bayern Munich.

“This is from a very credible source, a source that is, lets say, directly linked to the footballer.”

Castano went on to say:

“Thiago knew that there were several players in his position, but was told by Pep Guardiola on the phone that he was moving Javi Martinez to centre back as Marcelo Bielsa did with him at Athletic Bilbao.”

Castano would go on to cover his bases by saying due to the nature of the transfer window, his report should be taken with a pinch of salt(?)

Whilst every United fan would love to see Thiago at Old Trafford, I think as with Sneijder the whole thing is becoming tedious and that a resolution is needed sooner rather than later.


40 responses to “Guardiola’s Promise Ends United’s Hopes Of Signing Thiago?”

  1. Timothy Attacka says:

    I think Moyey is nt d writ replacement of Sir.each time moyes goas for a prayer the door wil jst clos…even the once we had wants to leav…no body knows hw moyes wil tak us lng…

  2. Chuks Ferguson says:

    Am a die hard man utd fan, but this thiago issue keeps beating my imagination and i continue to ask “why is his transfer deal delaying this much” could that be that he purposely don’t wanna join us at OT or there hasn’t been any contract reached atall on his behalf yet huh? Well i guess moyes is a nice coach full of anxiety and tension atm, but all he needs now is the club/players/fans support to stand bold in handling issues and signings, we really need thiago in our team to boosten up our squad

  3. Chinonye says:

    Manuniatic idiots

  4. Andy Lip says:

    90% of people posting on this thread need to learn how to spell or learn the English language,jokers.Give Moyes a chance frigging muppets and get back to your shellfish sarnies.

  5. Ikpa matthew says:

    I think thiago is a kind of player we need right now in the club, but i see no reason why moyes mant 2 lose him. Get us thiago, Baines and keep Rooney.

  6. Ikpa matthew says:

    Thiago case has become similar to Lukas mora case. Hw can we continue be lossing this kind of players? Moyes has not show himself 2 d club atall.

  7. Francis ekechukwu says:

    Thiago is a nice player no doubt, but if he chooses 2 join bayern, to hell wit him…its takin him eternity 2 make up his mind join man u, but just decided 2 join bayern bcos pep is spanish…wit or wit out him 2geda wit rooney, United wil stil b United.

  8. PJW says:

    Uniteds transfers have been frustrating to say the least …apart from RVP who have they really signed in the last 5 years!?! Always hear about who they want to sign but the deals never seem to pan out???
    To be fair tho success has still been in abundance! But it’s a must that United strengthen the mid-field for next season IMO at present I don’t think it will be strong enough. As for Alacantra… Well I’m sure Munich will do well in a one team league!! …lol
    I would like to see him at OT, come on lad challenge yourself!!

  9. Buor Deng says: