Date: 24th November 2013 at 4:25am
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Cristiano Ronaldo may be leaving Madrid this summer

On Friday David Moyes admitted that he still harbours ambitions of managing Cristiano Ronaldo, despite the Portuguese superstar signing a new deal this summer. But is there more to Moyes’ words that meet the eye?

Moyes admitted:

‘Everyone at Manchester United would tell you he (Ronaldo) is the best in the business. I have not been fortunate enough to work with him but there is still a hope some day it might be possible.’

And the Daily Mail believes that Moyes could very well get his wish, claiming a United move for the star is still on the cards.

Pointing to a meeting between United official and Ronaldo’s representatives over a year ago, the paper believes that a deal can still be agreed and the new contract only served to ensure that he remained top dog in Madrid and that the club get a better fee for him, considering his contract was running out.

The paper believe that a deal could be reached after next years World Cup.

Personally I’m not holding my breath but the report makes you look at Moyes’ comments in a different light!


8 responses to “Did Moyes Slip Up With Ronaldo Admission?”

  1. Simon says:

    RONALdo we need him back at Old Traford in january that is must !

  2. Simon says:

    RONALdo we need him back at Old Traford in january that is must.

  3. Manners_Suarez says:

    No way he’s coming in January. We might have a chance to get him in the summer.

  4. Ibrish says:

    I really appreciate moyes if he brings back ronaldo

  5. ak says:

    My team

    united 3-0 win

  6. Oye says:

    Its better to have him.

  7. splendid says:

    we need ronaldo back;even if is to sell 5 ‘players to get him back;

  8. deejay says:

    We need him back @ old Traford