Date: 26th January 2014 at 5:41am
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Ian Holloway has criticised Manchester United’s Wilfried Zaha, claiming the 21 year old is wasting his potential after failing to make the grade at Old Trafford.

Zaha has failed to make the step up at Old Trafford after he left Ian Holloway’s Crystal Palace in the summer. This week he faced the indignation of being named as a substitute as Warren Joyce’s u21 side took on Middlesborough after turning up late to team meet up prior to the game.

Zaha has made just 4 appearances for United this season, the latest a 5 minute cameo in United’s 3-0 win over Aston Villa in December and with a move to Cardiff imminent, former manager Holloway hopes the move allows him to re-find his feet on the pitch and his focus off it.

Speaking in the Sunday Mirror, Holloway said:

“I hope he uses his sabbatical in South Wales to show United exactly what they are missing.

“Believe me, he is one helluva (sic) player. And he is also a terrific lad, a manager’s dream, in my experience. So, I was surprised by reports during the week that he had been dropped to the bench for a reserve game because he turned up late.

“That isn’t the Wilfried Zaha I know and I am sure that he would not have shown such a lack of respect to his club on purpose. But, as a manager, I can’t condone any player failing to get to a game on time.

“And, again, it’s all about attitude. Or lack of attitude.

“I will always be grateful to Wilf for the role he played in helping Palace to win ¬¨promotion to the top flight when I was the manager at Selhurst Park.

“And that’s why I have his best intentions at heart when I say the time has come for him to take stock of his life and career and grow up a little bit.

“Because, believe me, there is nothing more tragic than ¬¨unfulfilled potential.”

Whilst nothing has been confirmed, Zaha is in desperate need of the loan to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side. The lack of football has all but killed his World Cup hopes but aged 21 if he can establish himself at Old Trafford he will have many more to contest.


6 responses to ““Wilfried Zaha Needs To Grow Up””

  1. akash says:

    Moyes should gave him a chance to prove his talent but maybe a loan to solskjaer side will open moyes eyes that zaha is a good player that deserve united first team.

    • b says:

      Its not about “opening” moyes’ eyes, Moyes already knows he is a good player but Zaha has obviously not been pulling his weight in training. Despite everyone still thinking he can waltz into the United first team Zaha is still a raw talent for the Premier League, and needs to be given time. Everyone needs to have a bit of patience. Look at how Ramsey has blossomed at Arsenal. It will happen.

  2. akash says:

    Reply for b

    no bro look at p.progba case. Player that performe well need to wait just throw them in the pitch.

  3. akash says:

    But never mind he is on loan and in good hand of solskjaer who has develop player like progba,welbeck,cleversly and morrisson when he was united academic coach.

  4. akash says:

    Am sad that moyes let fabio go that i don’t agree with him. I hope he get cabaye

  5. akash says:

    Player that should go is A.young,nani,ferdinand but moyes not young fabio.if he get chance to played in left then he will improved and develop by seeing her brother doing well on right. Very very sad !