Date: 11th February 2014 at 5:09am
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Zaha Cardiff

Wilfried Zaha may not have slept with David Moyes’ daughter, but his latest Instagram post will definitely have put the winger in the United manager’s bad books.

Zaha was forced to head to Cardiff on loan after failing to break into the Manchester United team this season. In his first game under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Zaha came on as a first half substitute and changed the game.

Following the game Solskjaer compared the 21 year old to Cristiano Ronaldo and it appears that Zaha is happy with the faith the former United striker has shown in him posting this:

Zaha Insta

So the list of players disrespecting Moyes lengthens…


4 responses to “PICTURE: United Star Takes A Shot At Moyes”

  1. S zul says:

    Certainly, DM is not competent to manage MU. His failure to recognize gems and employ proper and good tactics during games are so obvious that continuing his stay as manager will harm MUs reputation. Don’t let him destroy the club.

  2. segal says:

    Watch out mus! please this man is un experience he don’t know what to do, otherwise we will lose everything.

  3. ericho says:

    A good manager can galvanize an average to a super team with great belief, just as SAF have done but Moyes couldn’t cut it and SAF retired. If any of Moyes supporters at Man Utd still believe Moyes can still do the trick, will be in for a surprise. And if, time is all he need, well he already have more than 25 matches to assess the team and a chance to reinforce during the January transfer window, in which he is either too stubborn or did not do his homework to sign any. In contrast, Robert Martinez at Everton has performed quite remarkably with such consistency, whereas Moyes was a nightmare to Utd. Should Moyes supporter still think time is all he need, well Martinez didn’t get much time at Everton and he has taken them to a new height.

    I hope the Man Utd board for once “bites the bullet” to replace this Moyes along with his assistant, with a creditable manager and a coaching team. Man Utd club is too important to be left to experimental as good player will find it hard to come to Old Trafford in future. Man Utd can afford to lose Moyes and his assistant and treat it as a bad investment as it much cheaper that having to miss out Champion League and Premier League.

    • David Moyes says:

      Ericho, my friend, you are talking utter bullshit. Firstly, yes, Martinez is a good manager but if you look at who he signed since getting the job, only Aiden Mcgeady is owned by Everton, all the others are loanees.

      Secondly, Mata aside, how many world class players do you REALLY think would just up and left their clubs in January? Give me some time and I promise I will get the job right! If any business in any industry was to replace a manager (not just any manager, perhaps the best manager to ever live) it would take a lot longer than 6 months before he would be considered to be doing a good job. Fans like you really piss me off, jumping on the ‘Get Moyes out’ bandwagon! In my 26 years supporting United, this is the most important period of getting behind the manager. Whatever your career (if you even have one) how would you feel if people constantly got on your back, criticizing every decision you make saying you are not capaple of doing your job, how would it make you feel? I doubt you’d be thriving, ‘pal’!