Date: 3rd June 2014 at 3:56am
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Oh the joys of having Spanish players in our team.

With Spain currently producing some of the best players in the world, I think it’s fair to say we should be increasing our intake of them.

With the duo of Juan Mata and David De Gea in our team ¬†and going to the World Cup you’d expect they’ll be having cheeky convos here and there trying to bring a few of their pals to Old Trafford.

De Gea has already been spotted passing notes like he’s back in school whilst Mata is taking the loud and proud stance, unashamedly tapping up Barcelona star Cesc Fabregas in plain sight

Unlike David De Gea last summer with Thiago Alcantara, hopefully Mata can get this Cesc bid wrapped up before Ed Woodward messes things up by offering him magic beans or something!

Cesc plane


13 responses to “PHOTO: Mata Caught Up In ‘Tapping Up’ Storm”

  1. terry says:

    Sorry scum bag, eddy didn’t mess anything up last summer….it was all David Moyes fault what happen, not eddy.

    Pathetic scum bags like you just can’t seem to get that through their thick heads.

    • DDumb says:

      hey Terry you are the scumbag.

      If dont know football dont talk male chicken.

      Eddy is the one that need to close all the purchases and the loans and what ever bull on buying and selling, you piece of scumbag idiot numskull

      you get it into your numskull idiotic head of yours.

    • johnson says:

      Eddy mess up big time last season, hope he get it right this season. ?? are not active in the transfer market……….Eddy is not like Gill. Gill know that right player to buy @ the right time without delay

    • johnson says:

      Eddy mess up big time last season, hope he get it right this season. ?? are not active in the transfer market……….Eddy is not like Gill. Gill know that right player to buy @ the right time without delay

    • johnson says:

      Eddy mess up big time last season, hope he get it right this season. ?? are not active in the transfer market……….Eddy is not like Gill. Gill know that right player to buy @ the right time without delay

  2. stewart says:

    ok terry why haven’t we signed cesc yet then? 30mill? no we got fellani for 27mill!!

  3. sitesired says:

    Terry , Ed Woodward is the man in charge of transfers .The only input of a manager is his wish list . I blame the club , two top posts occupied by men out of their depth Woodward/DM . Im certain this time round we will not come up short . GGMU .

  4. yusuph says:

    I agree with terry if Ed lured fallain for 27ml pounds why not cesc only 30m pounds…

  5. Adekanmi says:

    I dnt really know what is going on with Man utd Gosh….;Jst 30m for Fabrigas we can’t pay why for God sake

  6. dami says:

    honestly m tired of these our club….we r nt assenal for christ sake…we r d best team in premier league then wht da shit is goin on….fuuuuuuuuuuuuk

  7. sam says:

    you guys should wake up and stop talking BS. Last summer united put in two strong bids for Fabrigas but bacca turned both down cos they were not ready to sell. Why blame woodward and DM for everything? Chelsea made a bid for Rooney too but we didn’t sell. Did anybody blame Morinho? Lets just accept that the deal did not work out. Not cause we didn’t try. But cause the club refused to sell.

  8. JimmyMac says:

    It’s clear that Woodward area of expertise is in commercial marketing. He doesn’t have any background in football. The way his amateurish gung ho, scattergun approach to transfer business was laid bare for all to see last summer was a huge embarrassment for the club and severely undermined our future negotiating position. It’s clear his lack of football background and knowledge has not helped at all. The final minute desperation of the deal for Fellaini will go down as one of the worst transactions United have ever completed. The fact that a club as financially weak as Everton was able to so easily rebuff the amateurish arrogannot approaches of Woodward and Moyes, held on to both Baines and Barkley then held us to ransom for a very mediocre player all in the full glare of the world’s sporting media made us a laughing stock. Expect every club, player and agent to play hard ball with United because of last summers failed negotiations and the lack of UCL football this season; because of that I think we will end up with 2 or 3 relatively lower profile Dutch players in awe of Van Gaal who understand and buy into his footballing philosophy and perhaps only one big German or Spanish name. I can’t believe any club would buy Strootman before he has proved he is back to his best. It’s going to take 2 or 3 transfer windows before VG has a team built in his own image. With VG only on a 3 year contract and typically not sticking around any longer tban that at any of his previous clubs qualifying for the UCL next season is absolutely vital; City, Chelsea are nailed on top 4 as usual but 3Rd anday 4th spot will be up for grabs. Arsenal’s squad always struggle with injuries under Wenger; they will also lose Sagna and need to upgrade on Podolski. Remy would be a good signing but they need a Yaya Toure type just as much as a second striker. I expect them to scrape another top 4 finish. Snapping up Rickie Lambert was a shrewd bit of business by Rodgers but If Liverpool do lose Suarez with Gerrard less influential on the pitch with every passing season and Skrtl a bit of a liability at times BR will have to spend wisely or they will struggle to finish top four again. Spurs will be shipping players in and out as usual and the players will take time getting used to a new manager and system the same as United. Everton have definitely improved under Martinez but will always be lacking in sufficient cash to compete with the big boys and upgrade the quality of their squad to one capable of securing a top 4 finish under Kenwright’so stewardship.
    Expect to see a lot of players move out of United and not just the dead wood; with a squad to rebuilt, the club’s reputation and position to restore, his own lofty standards to maintain and with a ruthless streak that would make Fergie’s head spin there will be a huge turnover in those 3 years. A lot of fans are going to be upset with some very good, even some star players sacrificed or deciding to move on. Personally I think a cull is long overdue.

  9. JimmyMac says:

    And if you need any further confirmation as to how much Woodward’so negotiating tactics are hadicapping United then have a squint at this article;