Date: 5th April 2012 at 9:57pm
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Rio Ferdinand is not getting carried away by Manchester United’s five point gap in the league ahead of the weekend fixtures.

The defender, who has built an impressive rapport with fellow defender Jonny Evans this season due to Nemanja Vidic’s injury, insists the Champions are calm and want to take it one game at a time.

Rio Ferdinand said:

“The significance of that reaction on Monday was blown out of all proportion. I have been at the club for ten years and Blackburn has always been a hard place to go. We have had a lot of bad results there. A couple of years ago they stopped us from winning the league. We wanted to put that right and it was nice to get one back over them.

“The only thing on our minds is to win each game. We are not looking beyond that. It is a cliché and it is boring. But that is the way it is, black and white. You just have to keep ticking off the boxes.”

Whilst not getting carried away, the United defender insists the Champions are very happy with their position at this time of the season:

“We are in the position we would like to be in at this stage of the season but it is not over. There is a lot of football to be played between now and when the trophies are handed out. We have to make sure we apply ourselves in the right way. If we put in the performance and get the results we want, hopefully we will be lifting the trophy at the end of the season.”

About the QPR game on Sunday which has been predicted to be a done deal for the Red Devils, the England international said:

“Everyone is saying our run-in looks easy. But our next three games are against teams who are fighting to stay up. The league has become more of a level playing field anyway. A year ago no one would have said Newcastle will beat Liverpool as convincingly as they did on Sunday. Who would have thought QPR would beat Arsenal last week? If you are not on your game, you would get beaten.

“We know QPR have some players who can be match winners. They do have the potential to beat us. If we want the results, we will have to go out and earn it.”


One response to ““Hopefully We Will Be Lifting The Trophy At The End Of The Season.””

  1. Richard says:

    We need to keep a good attitude otherwise we will make a mistake. We have control of the League and this weekend could be crucial, but we need to take each game as it comes. QPR have beaten Liverpool and Arsenal recently so it won’t be an easy game. We played well against Blackburn but they were tough to break down. We will come up against that more often as the season draws to an end.

    Blackburn was a big win because of our poor record there, but it doesn’t mean we have won the title. We need to focus and win the next three matches against QPR, Aston Villa and Wigan. If we can take 9 points then we will have a great chance of winning the league.