Date: 6th September 2013 at 7:44pm
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It’s believed that Manchester United’s failed move for Sami Khedira forced Real Madrid into selling Mesut Ozil to Arsenal, despite wanting to hold onto the player.

Ozil Joined Arsenal for £42.5m on transfer deadline day, whilst United saw a late £34m move for Khedira fail but El Economista believe that had United made their move for Khedira earlier, Real Madrid would have allowed him to join the Premier League champions.

The report claims that uncertain if United were going to make a move for the midfielder, Real Madrid sanctioned Ozil’s sale to Arsenal in an attempt to recuperate some of the £86m they spent on bringing Gareth Bale to the Spanish capital.

With the wheels already in motion for Ozil’s move to London, when United finally made their move for the Khedira Real Madrid had no option but to reject the offer as they didn’t want to lose both players.

This seems a more plausible explanation for Madrid’s decision to sell Ozil, a player that Madrid fans and players alike appeared to have wanted to stay.


9 responses to “United’s Failed Bid For Khedira Forced Ozil To The Emirates?”

  1. HantsGooner says:

    So it in fact forced Madrid to sell Ozil not as yr headline claims forced Ozil to the Emirates

  2. Kevin says:

    It might be worthwhile to be a little sceptical about this report. It is a little convenient that a story surfaces that the absence of an offer for Khedira led to the sale of Ozil, given the negative reaction to the sale of the Ozil.

    While it is plausible that not selling Khedira precipitated the sale of Ozil, it is equally plausible that this story is a mere P.R. invention to make Man U the bad guys in this scenario, and Real Madrid as the poor “dupes” in the whole episode.

  3. arse says:

    IF the bid came in earlier and IF the player actually wanted to join Man Utd then Ozil wouldn’t have joined Arsenal, apparently.

    its funny how Arsenal were always criticized for selling their best players and not bringing world class players to the Emirates, but the minute they bought Ozil, the best playmaker in the world for a massive £42.5m everyone is trying to downplay his signing.

    were it man utd or chelsea that signed him i’m absolutely sure there’d be none of the IF team x bought player y then Ozil would’ve stayed at madrid talk…

    the media love to put negative spin on anything Arsenal related it seems…

  4. Kevin says:

    Actually, Arse, in this situation I do not believe that Arsenal are the “targets” of the story. I beleive that this is Real Madrid trying to appease their fans and players by saying that they would have kept Ozil if only [those foot-dragers at] Man U had put in their bid for Khedira soon enough.

    I would posit that the Real Madrid hierarchy have realised that they made a huge mistake and are now trying to shift as much blame as possible, as quickly as possible.

  5. akash says:

    We are ok now. We got fellaini our team is complete. Now i will see moyes how he will manage the team to success.

  6. akash says:

    Moyes little help from me as united big fan. Keep rotate the defences dont play ferdinand and vidic all the time. Seem sir alex forget to tell you but ferdinand has back problem and cant play back to back every week. Sir alex know that and keep rotate the defence with evans,jones,vidic and smalling.

  7. akash says:

    Midfield also can rotate sometime rest carrick and play fellaini and cleversly or anderson and in big match like city which is coming soon start carrick and fellaini wat say united lovers am right or not.

  8. Abraham says:

    i as a big fan of manutd doesn’t tink dis article is against arsenal rather its again dat chap #woodie# wu has been slowin evry transfer dwn dis summer

  9. You Muppets!!! says:

    Rooney will Leave the Sinking Ship that is Manchester United!! Arsenal will now dominate the Premier League for the next Decade they have the Money the Manager & the Young & very Talanted squad these things go in Cycles, SAF is gone long live the New King!!